Basor People #2: Noelia Cuenca and Mental Health Day

Today, in honor of Mental Health Day, we want to emphasize the importance of taking care of our mental well-being. And, to commemorate this special day, we have had the privilege of interviewing our Human Resources colleague, Noelia Cuenca Caballero.

Why is it important to consider mental health in the workplace?
It is crucial to consider mental health at work because we spend a significant portion of our lives in work environments, and our mental health is intrinsically related to factors such as working conditions, the workplace environment, and relationships at work. Just as we are not just a liver or a foot, we are a whole person. Mental health is a holistic concept, and it is impossible to discuss mental health in the workplace without addressing issues such as working conditions, salaries, work-life balance, workplace environment, workplace culture, teamwork, work relationships, commitment, responsibility, and equal opportunities.

What is the difference between addressing mental health at work and addressing burnout?
Addressing mental health at work involves considering factors such as working conditions and work relationships to prevent issues like burnout. Burnout is an extreme state of exhaustion at work that can be difficult to reverse once it has been reached.

What challenges do we face in today’s society regarding mental health in the workplace?
In today’s society, we are exposed to constant changes and unforeseen difficulties. The challenge lies in developing social skills and tools to maintain healthy work relationships, communicate effectively, and create trust-based work environments. The key is to focus on taking care rather than worrying excessively.

Why is it essential for companies to support their employees in terms of mental health at work?
Companies must support their employees in terms of mental health at work because a committed and solid human team is fundamental for addressing workplace challenges. Without a strong team, any attempt to create safe work environments and solve problems will be ineffective.

What actions are taken at Basor Electric to ensure the well-being and mental health of employees?
At Basor Electric, we are committed to the well-being of our employees, and we take various actions to ensure their mental health. For example, we are currently implementing initiatives to gain a deeper understanding of our teams: their responsibilities, expectations, and more. This way, we involve employees as individuals when addressing issues and proposing solutions. We believe that a healthy and balanced team is crucial for the success of Basor Electric.

Thank you very much, Noelia, for your time and for highlighting the importance of addressing mental health at work. We appreciate your strong commitment to the company and its employees. Once again, thank you!

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