Basor People #4: María Estruch Miñana

In the structure of any company, there are departments that play an essential role in the organizational fabric. Today, we delve into the very core of human and strategic management in a company by interviewing a key figure in Human Resources.

Maria Estruch, an invaluable member of the Basor Electric team for several years, shares with us her perspective and experiences in this dynamic and crucial field of work.

Tell us about yourself. Why HR?

I decided to study Human Resources because I have always had a deep concern for the well-being of people, and the possibility of being a support for them motivates me. I firmly believe that in the business environment, attention and care for employees are fundamental. Human Resources play a crucial role as the pillar of a company’s professional structure and organization because, ultimately, it is people who drive the engine of companies.

What is a typical day in the department like? What challenges arise?

In my case, a typical day involves managing purely administrative tasks. One of the most significant challenges we face is the search for new talent, especially when it comes to highly specialized technical profiles, as they require a more thorough selection process in identifying the ideal candidate.

What would you say are the values and work culture that the company promotes?

As an integral part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we have developed the “Be Green Cable Management Systems” program. An ambitious project that transparently reflects our commitment to the planet and its future. We take responsibility, both as manufacturers and consumers, to minimize the impact of industrial development and societal progress on our natural environment.

At Basor Electric, we understand that giving back to society what it provides and rightfully owns is a fundamental obligation.

What aspect of working in the Human Resources department at Basor Electric do you find most rewarding?

Currently, I am part of the Negotiating Committee for the Equality Plan of BASOR ELECTRIC SA. This position reflects our commitment to building a more equal and equitable corporate team in terms of rights between men and women, which I find immensely rewarding.

And to conclude, with all the changes we are experiencing, what plans does the department have in the short to medium term?

With the advent of the pandemic, much has been said about digital transformation, but companies today demand a transformation that enhances Employee Experience and the importance of maintaining the well-being of the workforce. That is, companies cannot adapt to constant changes solely with the help of technology; they need people who can solve complex problems. Therefore, we are implementing recruitment, training, and development strategies.

In our case, we believe that the key to the transformation of companies is people. Implementing policies that help develop motivated, committed, and competent teams that drive the company’s growth.

Thank you very much, Maria, for your time and for sharing your vision with us!

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