Dear Client


Within the policy of continuous improvement implemented at Basor Electric, our company has decided to change the internal management system in order to offer our customers a faster and more efficient response in everything related to orders, inventory management and administrative matters.

The daily operation with our customers will remain the same, the only aspect that changes will be the coding of the products, which will vary slightly. Those current codes that have 7 digits, the bar will be removed and in those with 6 digits, the bar will be replaced with a zero.

2/17502 (7 digits) becomes 217502

2/7428 (6 digits) becomes 207428


With this we will achieve a 6-digit unification in all the company’s products.

These changes will take effect on January 1st and the code exchange files will be available from today in the download section of our website.


Thank you very much for the collaboration and sorry for the inconvenience.