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We understand as Renewable Energy all types of energy sources obtained by natural methods, which are mainly inexhaustible. We consider it as inexhaustible due to either the big quantity contained or the fact that it can regenerate by natural processes. Different forms of renewable energy are wind energy, hydropower, solar energy, geothermal energy, biofuel and tidal power.

In this sense, Basor Electric supplies specific products for each sub-sectors within the generation of the Green energy, solving all the technical challenges that may exist.

Our engineers on the Product Department work side by side with the responsible of each project to get the tailored-made solutions for this kind of jobs.


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The wind power is the energy obtained from the wind. It is the kinetics energy generated by the effect of the air movements and is transformed in other useful forms of energy for the consumption at society.

Historically, the wind power has been used since ancient times to move the sailing-powered boats or making the gears of the mills work by moving its blades. Nowadays, the sails and the mills are not made of wood and fabric, but the wind power is still used to produce energy, mainly electric energy through wind turbines.

Depending on the location of the wind turbines, Basor Electric gives the perfect solutions for the cable containment both indoors and outdoors for normal or saline environments, respectively.

Cable Ladder/Escaleras

The hydro power or hydric energy is the energy obtained by the exploitation of the kinetic and potential water movements energy, water jumps or tides. This is a Green energy since its impact is minimum and uses the hydric power of damming. In any case, it is considered a form of renewable energy.

This energy can be transformed at many levels, from the traditional exploitations where the river water move a blade gear and make a little movement, to the big hydro power stations of water dams.

This kind of installations demand a high humidity resistance products. For this reason, Basor Electric proposes PVC or fiberglass options and stainless Steel products.

Cable Trays/Bandeja Portacable

Cable Ladder/Escaleras

Cable Tray/Escaleras

The solar energy is the energy obtained by the light and heat catchment made by the sun. These installations transform the solar radiation into Electrical energy through photovoltaic panels, making possible the accumulation into batteries.

The sun rays which reach the Earth can be used thanks to the heat produced through the absorption of the radiation with optical or other devices. This is one of the so called renewable energy, particularly of the non-polluting group known as clean or Green energy.

These sites are known as field or solar farms, places where the products of Basor Electric must comply with the highest demands of resistance and durability.

Wire Mesh/Hilo

Cable Ladder/Escaleras

Cable Trays/Bandeja Portable

Cable Trays/Bandeja Portable

The geothermal energy is the energy which can be obtained through the exploitation of the inner Earth heat. The inside of the Earth is hot and the temperature increases with the depth. The inner layers are at high temperatures and at this depth, there are water tables where the water is heated: on its way up, the hot water or the vapour produce effects on the Surface like geysers, thermal fountains used as thermal baths since the Roma times.

Nowadays, the development on the perforation and pumping methods allows the production of geothermal energy from many places. This kind of exploitations demand products highly resistant to humid environments. In this sense, Basor Electric offers the best solutions for these kind of installations.

Cable Trays/Bandeja Portable

Cable Ladder/Escaleras

Cable Trays/Bandeja Portable

Cable Ladder/Escaleras

Biofuel is a mix of organic substances which are used as fuel at the engines of internal combustion. It comes from biomass, organic material originated in a biological process, spontaneous or induced, which can be used as an energy source.

This process is produced at installations where fluids are heated by means of boilers and other approved equipment which used it as fuel.

Biomass can provide alternative energy for fossil fuels, thanks to liquid agrofuels (such as biodiesel or bioethanol), gaseous (methane gas) or solid (fuelwood).

This type of processing plants generates environments not supported by any kind of products. So, Basor Electric has the answer to these situations with a complete line of products specially designed to withstand these environments.

Cable Trays/Bandeja Portacable

Cable Ladder/Escaleras

Cable Trays/Bandeja Portacable

Cable Ladder/Escaleras

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For the last 20 years Basor´s International Projects team has been working in more than 40 countries and growing economies to deliver the best solutions and technical products for its situations. These projects improve the quality of infrastructures systems and help us to offer the best of ust. We work with engineering, EPCs and installers to help them do this.

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