This new coating has a resistace higher than 1.300 hours at salt spray chamber

Gandia 16/11/2016

Basor Electric, manufacturer of cable management systems and specialist into basket trays, has launched its new coating named EZ1000, whose acronym means Electro Zincated 1000 hours.
It is a new coating with a high resistance against the corrossion that will be used at Basorfil family, in fact at the models BF2R, the self assembled system of Basor Electric for wire mesh trays.
At a technical level, the difference with the standard zincated products is that, the new process of Electro Zincated apply more quantity of zinc and later, there are a high resistance sealing to improve the protection.
With this technical innovation, the product gets more than 1.340 hours of resistance against the corrossion at a salt spray chamber, it means that this new product works with a theorical values of resistence a 25% higher than the Class 8 of the market according to UNE EN ISO 1461.
This fact makes that the new Basorfil BF2R EZ1000 be suitable for outdoor and wet indoor, spaces that until now, it were reserved for coatings as hot dip galvanized or stainless Steel.
The Surface coating of the product is completely smooth, without irregularities and a high brightness, being the same color as standard electrozincated. At visual level, the difference will be that the BF2R will use a grey plate (at this moment is Green) and each piece of 3 meters will have a specific label of the EZ1000.
Used in the system BF2R of Basorfil, the new EZ1000 is the unique self assembled system of the market with an improved coating, making the unión between the pieces in only 4 seconds.

Download here the Salt Spray Chamber.


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