Basor Electric, a manufacturer specialized in cable containment has carried out a program of technological implementation, whose place of execution has been its 3 production plants (Gandia, Castellón de Rugat and Almansa). This project, which amounts to € 1,071,812, has the financial assistance of the CDTI (Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial) and is co-financed by the “Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER)” through the “PROGRAMA PERATIVO PLURIRREGIONAL DE ESPAÑA 2014-2020”.


With this, Basor Electric has carried out between June 15th of last year until 15th of the present the implementation of the most advanced technologies for management, monitoring and control of its production and logistics processes. This implementation of digitalization technologies, related to industry 4.0, involves the development of a configurable system for the management, in real time, of the company’s production processes. It is a vertical and configurable software system with innovative features and functionalities, for the management and control, in real time, of the industrial process distributed through a network of hardware devices, and which includes those management processes that can contribute to the optimization of operations and management of facilities and manufacturing equipment manufacturing Basor Electric.


In addition, with the completion of this project, it is intended:

– Continue to technologically improve the production system, to obtain an improvement in the quality of the products, greater efficiency in production, greater energy and environmental efficiency.

– Offer customers the highest quality products, using the best technologies.

– Contribute to the environmental improvement of the planet by increasing the efficiency of production processes and the consumption of resources, through the use of low or no environmental impact technologies and the combination of different technologies.


The technical objectives that are to be achieved with the implementation of this new software system, are related to the optimization of all the management and control operations of any Basor Electric process, allowing to obtain adequate information of all the desired quantities, having access and control of it, in real time.