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We understand as Food Industry the part of the industry that makes all the processes related to the food Chain. We include within this concept the phases of transport, reception, storage, processing and conservation.

The raw materials of this industry are mainly products of vegetal origin (agriculture), animal (cattle raising) and fungic (related with fungus).

Thanks to the science and technology of food, the progress at this industry has increased and the growth of the production goes hand in hand with the progressive effort in the surveillance of the hygiene and food laws in all countries, trying to regulate and unify the processes and products.

Basor Electric has been able to understand these new and more professionalized times, offering to our clients the best solutions for the food.


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The clean and processing areas must be proposed according to hygienic designs that guarantee the food security, removing the risk of all kinds of contamination. In addition to this, the cleaning and disinfestation must be easy and contribute to the conservation and maintenance of the installation.

The correct choice of the materials at cable trays, warrantees that the installation can be cleaned in the correct form and the surfaces resist the contact with the alimentary and chemical products that are used for the cleaning.

It must be taken under consideration that there installations with a difficult cleaning will need more intense procedures, chemical products more aggressive or longer cleaning cycles, resulting in a higher cost of these kind of operations

Extreme temperature areas are places with a very low temperature, where the environmental temperatures can be less than 20 degrees. We consider low temperature areas freezer chambers and cold rooms. In these places, the isolation and other protection elements for the electrical materials must not suffer any deterioration at the useful temperature.

The cable trays must support all the strain of these environmental conditions. For this reason, when different parts of the indoor canalisation are exposed to different temperatures such as cold rooms, the cable trays must be capable of supporting the circulation of the air from the hottest area to the coldest one, without losing its properties.

Accessible underground storage areas are wet places, those where the floor, roof and walls are or can be impregned with humidity and where mud or t hick water droplets can appear temporally due to condensation or causing the appearance of mold.

In these areas, It is recommended that the electrical material, and specially the cable containment complies with the watertightness, using for terminal, splices and connections systems with IP protection against vertical water falling droplets and water projection.

Outdoor storage areas are places with a high incidence of the weather elements, where the humidity and the sun rays cause the quick wear of any kind of installed product.

In the particular case of outdoor installations, the use of cable trays will be marked by a minimum corrosion resistance of Class 5, a galvanization specially designed to resist the effect of weather elements for a long time.

The production and control area is a room adjacent to factory, integrated or separated of it where all the production activities are coordinated. All the machinery signals to this room arrive to program the daily activity that will move all the factory production processes.

In the case of the cable trays, the use will be indoor, with a poor incidence of external agents which could damage and reduce the product life.


This addendum specifies common hygiene requirements for machinery and installation used in preparing and processing food for human and, where relevant, animal consumption to eliminate the risk of contagion, infection, illness or injury arising from this food

The surfaces of the materials shall be durable, cleanable and where required capable of being disinfected, without breaks, resistant to cracking, chipping, flaking and abrasion, preventing the penetration of unwanted matter under intended use.

In addition to this, the materials shall be:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Non toxic
  • Non absorbent
  • Non transfer undesirable odours, colours or taint

In the non-food areas, the materials shall be made of corrosion resistant material or material that is treated (coated or painted) to be corrosion resistant, these surfaces shall be cleanable.

Surfaces shall have a finish so that no particle of product becomes trapped in small crevices, thus becoming difficult to dislodge and so introduce a contamination hazard.

Surfaces shall be cleanable and where required capable of being disinfected. For this purpose they shall be smooth, continuous or be sealed.

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A hygienic food factory installation must be designed to keep the number of microbes low. Pests, such as insects, rodents and other animals, must be kept at bay and those present for whatever reason, should not find places where they could breed:

  • There should be no horizontal surfaces that cannot easily be inspected and cleaned
  • There should be no narrow spaces between equipment and walls, floors and ceilings.
  • The cables must have an efficient positioning for a correct cleaning

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For the last 20 years Basor´s International Projects team has been working in more than 40 countries and growing economies to deliver the best solutions and technical products for its situations. These projects improve the quality of infrastructures systems and help us to offer the best of ust. We work with engineering, EPCs and installers to help them do this.

Awarded Projects


PolandWroclav Animal Food FactoryNESTLE
HungaryDunaharaszti Bottling PlantCOCA-COLA
HungaryMiskolc Chocolate FactoryNESTLE
AustriaAgrana Juice FactoryAUSTRIA JUICE


MexicoCorona Bottling Plant DFGRUPO MONDELO


PakistanLahore Bottling PlantCOCA-COLA
ThailandNestle Suratthani Water PlantNESTLE


LybiaSwani Foods Juice FactoryAL-MANSOUR CORP.


ValenciaCheste Meat Procesing PlantMARTINEZ LORIENTE
BarcelonaVic Packing PlantCASA TARRADELLES
PalenciaAguilar Processing and Packing PlantGRUPO SIRO
BurgosNueva Bureba Processing PlantCAMPOFRÍO
PalenciaChocolate Manufacturing PlantBOMBONES TRAPA
PalenciaNew Processing PlantGULLON
MurciaAlhama Processing and Packing PlantEL POZO
La RiojaHaro Wine Cellar & PlantRAMÓN BILBAO
MurciaCaravaca Processing PlantPOSTRES REINA
GranadaT.M Bottling PlantLANJARÓN
LeridaMollerussa Bottling PlantPULEVA
MurciaTotana Processing PlantMOYCA

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