Be Green


Industrial development and the advancement of today's society has an impact on nature and the environment around us. It is our obligation, first as manufacturers and second as consumers to do everyting possible to minimize this impact.

For this reason, Basor Electric, within its Corporate Social Responsibility, has created a "Be Green Cable Management Systems" brand strategy, an ambitious program that reflects our commitment to the planet and its future. Give back to society what belongs to it and what it gives us.

This commitment is real and is guaranteed thanks to the achievement of the most prestigious and demanding environmental certification in this regard, ISO 14001: 2004, audited by Lloyd's Register.


Green school

Respect for the environment is something that must be instilled in the new generations from their earliest childhood. For this reason, we have started to implement the “Green School" program for school visits to our factories. The objective is to promote the importance of protecting the environment thanks to a pleasant and amusing training where the youngest can learn how to bring their grain of sand to the sustainability of the planet.

Green Day

We have set up a calendar for the so-called "Green Day", which are days dedicated to the reforestation of the mountains of the La Safor region (Valencia) thanks to the teamwork of our entire staff of offices. The actions will take place in the Mustalla, Safor, Aguelles and Grossa mountains, spaces that, years ago, partially suffered the ravages of fire.

Continuous training

All members of our organization receive continuous training concerning the environment. Training focused on safety, risk, and prevention adapted to the type of work they do. Be clear about the concepts, the possible consequences and action protocols are the key to success to prevent all those situations that could affect directly to the environment.

Particle Filtering

Industry, in general, can be a source of polution of the environment in various ways. Controling the various types of discharges or emissions that can happen is an essential element in the plan for minimizing the impact an industry can have on the environment. Thus, we have improved, and we focus on continuous improvement, day by day, all of our filtering systems of polluting particles into the atmosphere, investing in the latest technologies in this field.

Renewable energy

Energy efficiency not only involves consuming fewer resources, but also is being able to self-generate clean resources that can be reused within the organization. For this reason we have launched a study to the implementation of Renewable energy in our Almansa (Albacete) megafactory. We have a covered space close to 323,00 square feet that sits in direct sunlight all day long. We should not miss an opportunity like this!

Mobility plan

Large spaces involve large movements of goods and people. Many times these movements are inefficient and directly affect manufacturing and delivery times. For this reason, we have created and implemented a mobility plan for personnel and raw materials, reducing distances and unnecessary movements within our facilities, achieving a reduction in resources and improving productivity.

Watet recirculation

In certain production processes in our factories, the use of water is essential. Because of this we have taken the opportunity to implement a specific plan for the recirculation of this water. A constant internal circuit is generated in which the water used for the production process is used and resused contiuously. During idle times this recuirculated water is stored internally, purified and put back into circulation for use in our production process. Thanks to this, we have achieved a double objective; on the one hand, we realize a reduction of discharges into the sewerage system, and on the other hand, there is a reduction in water consumption overall thanks to internal recirculation.

Give value to industrial waters

Our factories use water as a fundamental part in certain production processes. Much of this water, after use, is dirty and cannot be reused. This resource is then lost in the sewage system after a filtering process. For this reason, we have implemented on going and specific plan for the reuse of this water for agricultural purposes where, after some extra filtering, this water can be consumed for use in irrigation of landscaped green areas and cleaning areas of all our factories.

Conferences and symposia

Being able to meet with experts and listen to their advice is a fundamental part of the company's environmental policy improvement strategy. For this reason, an annual attendance calendar has been established for conferences and symposia in which our quality, product or marketing colleagues can learn first-hand about all the measures that are being applied to improve these aspects and that are susceptible to be able to start up in our company.

Carbon footprint

The carbon footprint is "the totality of greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted by direct or indirect effect of an individual, an organization, an event or product." This impact is measured with a GHG emissions inventory or a life cycle analysis according to the type of footprint, following regulations such as ISO 14064. The carbon footprint is measured in terms of CO2 equivalent mass. We are going to know the size and the footprint, in order to implement an emission reduction and / or compensation strategy, through different programs specially designed for it.

Paper use reduction

In the middle of the information and technology era, the hashtag #PaperIsNotNeeded is a principle that we must apply inside our company. For this reason, we have made the Electronic versions of all current documentation available to all our clients in order to promote a reduction in the use of paper. We have implemented a program for sending invoices and documentation via telecommunicatons, supporting new online platforms to reduce the consumption of all types of paper.

Hybrid vehicles

The movement by road between plants by our production engineers, the transfers of clients for Factory Tours or the day-to-day running of the commercial team in Spain are actions that affect the environment through the use of mostly diesel vehicles. We have started to implement a special protocol for vehicle fleets, where the renewal of units that have reached the end of their useful life and the new units for internal use by our factory personnel are replaced by hybrid vehicles, much less polluting and more sustainable with the environment.

Led luminaires

Our production plants, logistics centers, sales offices and headqquarters around the Spanish geography will experience the change towards LED technology. For this reason, we have proposed an ambitious plan to replace out dated lighting in phases. The most widely used lighting in our production plants have already been replaced and we are going to start implementing the second phase with our logistics centers, branches and offices. This lighting technology makes us much more efficient energy consumers and allows us to actually obtain more lumens within the facilities improving overall working conditions.

Environmental Protection Systems

The protection and care of the environment must start in our own company and we must be able to instill in all our stakeholders the importance that this entails. For this reason, we have implemented an ambitious plan for our suppliers to adopt environmental protection systems over a period of three years and to implement all those practices necessary in their organization to minimize the incidence of their industrial activity on the environment.

Efficient Equipment

The renewal of equipment, whether productive, computerized or of another nature, is something quite common in all our facilities. Today, the power and speed no longer soley prevail. New parameters such as energy consumption or emissions to the atmosphere have been incorporated and are aspects that have a major impact on purchasing decisions.


Times change, society advances and the certified quality standards we abide by do as well. For this reason, we are going to change our current environmental ISO to the new and updated 14001: 2015, a standard where procedures have a management rather than control focus, incorporating product life cycles, carbon footprints, risk factors and we will proceed to do all new audits according to this new standard.

Landscaped areas

Being able to enjoy Green Spaces where one can relax and disconnect from daily work is something important to consider. Short breaks in pleasant surroundings makes the work in office more enjoyable and dynamic. For this reason, in the renovation plans of our facilities, we are considering an increase and improved garden areas in the design. Places where our staff can take a breather and enjoy a nearby natural environment.

United Nations Global Compact

The 10 Principles of the Global Compact derive from the United Nations declarations on human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption and enjoy universal consensus. Basor Electric, as a signatory to the Global Compact, is fully committed to complying with each and every one of the principles, especially its principles related to the environment:

  • “Companies must maintain a preventive approach that favors the environment”
  • “Companies must encourage initiatives that promote greater environmental responsibility”
  • “Companies must promote the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies”

Equipment off Protocol

There are idle moments in which computers remains without use. For this reason, we have detected these moments and have started to apply an off-protocol to reduce energy consumption and extend the life of the devices. Moments of staff rest, meal times or scheduled meetings are some of the moments that, when applying the protocol for turning off computer equipment, will reduce the energy consumption of idle moments by more than 20,000 hours.

Expand Environmental Culture

From the managerial level, everybody can be guided in terms of policies, protocols, forms of action and other environmental aspects. The real success, however, lies in everyone being involved, from senior management, to factory personnel. Therefore, every day we try to expand the environmental culture in our organization, involving all the members of our team and promoting "green thinking" for all the small and large daily actions that have to be carried out.