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Data Centers

Different works, different solutions.

Basor Electric provides an innovative design, high durability and excellent quality to all products in the sector of the data centers. Our reputatuion for technical, excellence is rooted in our long-establish ability to solve many if the industry´s technical challenges. We apply all our expertise working closely with our clients to offer them the best solution and the shortest delivery.

Diferentes trabajos, diferentes soluciones. Centros de procesamiento de datos

Type of material

  • Fiber cable management

    Basor provide a safe, easy-to-use and cost-effective management system for fragile optical cables. This system allows you to route fiber-optic cables between equipment, providing both the physical protection and bend radius management crucial to optical cable performance.

    The product made in Halogen-free PC-ABS material, compliant with UL 94 V-0 is designed to make optical cable management systems safe and easy-to-use.

  • Soluciones en canales para Data Center Soluciones en canales para Data Center

Technical addendum

Security in the data storage industry is critical. These are facilities that are always classified as mission critical, where continuity of service prevails over other considerations. Any risk may affect the information stored and the corporate image.

Adenda Técnica

Future-ready cable management in data centers


New trends in cloud information services are rapidly changing the design of data centers. The use of fiber optic cables, higher server densities, and new cabling practices require open, modular solutions for flexible design of data center facilities. BASOR solutions make it possible to always adapt data centers to new technologies.

Fiber-friendly cable trays and accessories

The share of fiber optic cables in all fields of information technology and telecommunications is increasing rapidly. Due to the high sensitivity of these cables, the fiber optic cabling system requires smooth cable runs for uninterrupted and reliable signal quality.

BASOR product series for data centers are specially designed for the installation of fiber optic cables. The priority of this extremely flexible system is that the cable laying is carried out with the utmost care, observing the allowable bending radius. The system dimensions are optimally matched and allow data center cable routing systems to function regardless of the number of cables:

  • Quick installation of accessories without nuts & bolts.
  • Cable outlets can be retrofitted without cutting and maintaining wide radius bends.

The range includes specialized accessories suitable for fiber optic cabling installations, including rounded corners; cable drops; range of preformed pieces for horizontal and vertical changes of direction with an optimal design of bending radius of fiber optic cables; bottom liners and custom powder coated pathways.

Adenda Técnica

Zinc whiskers in Data Centers


So-called “zinc whiskers” are tiny, microscopic filaments that can appear on the surface of zinc-plated metals commonly found in data centers. For example, raised floor tiles, cabinets and servers, floor supports, structural elements., or in cable runs.

This phenomenon does not have a fully known origin, possibly due to the internal stress of the coating that, in some circumstances, causes metal diffusion in the granular structure, and the growth of the “whiskers” over time. If these filaments are detached from surfaces and released into the air in the room, they can be transported through ventilation systems to microelectronics within data center equipment.

The problems they create are micro-sized short circuits, voltage variances, or system resets. One way to counteract zinc whiskers is to minimize materials that can act as a host for them to grow (under the floor, in cabinets, racks, framing, or cable runs).

It is interesting to see that most manufacturers of servers, switches and other electronic equipment for data center, see the risk of the zinc whisker to be very small and continue to use and promote the use of zinc plated chassis, hardware, mounting slides and other components directly inside electronic equipment that zinc whiskers are supposed to be able to damage, and still fully warrantee the installation.

Adenda Técnica Adenda Técnica

Cabling trays in alternative finishes such as hot dip galvanizing, powder coating or stainless steel are a partial answer, since it is more advisable to monitor the materials inside the electronic equipment and the air filtration of the enclosure.

Basor´s experience with Zinc whiskers

Decades with no incidents

BASOR has provided thousands of meters of electrozinc plated wire mesh cable tray for decades for thousands of facilities, with no recorded incidents of zinc whiskers.

Acording to the Laboratory Test number 04/150304/PL538 made by a third part approval, the conclusions are: “According to the comparative test, the pictures obtained at 400x indicates NO PRESENCE of whisker”.

Given the concerns of customers about the possible danger for very sensitive equipment, we can offer other alternatives totally free of “zinc whiskers”, as they do not present electrozinc plated exterior surfaces, such as:

  • Basorfil hot-dip galvanized wire mesh cable tray, not electrozinc plated
  • Basorfil wire mesh cable tray with EZ1000 coating, or powder coating, painted
  • Nonmetallic PVC cable trays Basorplast BPE
Adenda Técnica

The type of non-alkaline electrozinc plating, and specific process used by BASOR, has been tested in laboratory to verify the appearance of this phenomenon. The microscopy tests carried out on electrozinc plated BASOR products have concluded that the presence of “zinc whiskers” is not appreciated, even after several years.