Tertiary buildings

Tertiary buildings

Differents works, differents solutions.

Basor Electric provides an innovative design, high durability and excellent quality to all products in the sector of the tertiary buildings. Our reputatuion for technical, excellence is rooted in our long-establish ability to solve many if the industry´s technical challenges. We apply all our expertise working closely with our clients to offer them the best solution and the shortest delivery.

Differents works, differents solutions. Tertiary buildings.

Type of buildings

Technical addendum

The protection of people in public buildings and workplaces is essential. The design of the Buildings and the Security Systems, together with the Electrical Installations, are the elements to ensure evacuation in case of fire, alarm, or lack of electricity supply.

The need to provide Security Services in buildings and special areas is regulated by National regulations, including Emergency Lighting, Elevators, Fire Fighting Equipment, Emergency Supplies, etc. together with the Electrical Installations, with their protections, wiring and conduits.

Technical addendum

STANDARD IEC 60364-7-718

Low-voltage electrical installations - Part 7-718: Requirements for special installations or locations – Communal facilities and workplaces.

Typical examples of communal facilities and workplaces:

  • assembly halls, assembly rooms
  • exhibition halls, theatres, cinemas
  • sales areas, restaurants
  • hotels, guest houses, residential care homes
  • meeting places, airports, railway stations
  • workshops, offices, factories, high-rise buildings...

Specific requirements are established for electrical installations in buildings, access routes and escape routes:

  • Installations for Security Services are described in the IEC 60364-5-56 Standard.
  • More demanding requirements may be included in the National Regulations.
Technical addendum

STANDARD IEC 60364-5-56

Low-voltage electrical installations - Part 5-56: Selection and erection of electrical equipment - Safety services.

Security services should be separated from other services and installed in such a way that security services are not affected by any breakdown that occurs in unsafe services and mitigate the effects of a fire. An example of cables installed for security services is shown in the figure:

Technical addendum


Electrical facilities in Public Buildings;

Regulation is applied to public buildings for Spectacles, Sports, Hospitals, Meeting areas with more than 50 people:

  • Facilities must ensure Emergency Lighting and the operation of the Security Services
  • Cable management systems public areas must be, Tubes, Cable Trunking, or Cable Trays closed with cover
  • Cable Trays or Cable Ladder on walls, in open areas, will be at a height of more than 2.5m from the ground
  • Cable management systems will not reduce fire safety protection of the building structure
Technical addendum