Soluciones para energías renovables

Solutions for renewable energy

Energy solutions

We understand renewable energy as those energy sources that are obtained from natural means and that are, in principle, inexhaustible. We consider them inexhaustible, either because of the large amount of energy they can contain or because it is capable of regenerating themselves naturally. Within renewable energies we find Wind, Hydroelectric, Solar, Geothermal, Biofuels and tidal waves.

For its part, Basor Electric supplies specific products for each of these clean energy generation subsectors, solving all those technical challenges that may arise. Our Product Department engineers work closely with those responsible for each project to achieve solutions as these types of works may demand.

Energy solutions

Our solutions

  • Wind Energy

    Wind energy is the energy obtained from the wind. It is a kinetic energy generated by the effect of air currents that are transformed into other useful forms for consumption in our society.

    Historically, wind power has been harnessed since ancient times to move sail-powered boats or run mill gears by moving their blades. Today, sails or blades are no longer made of wood and cloth, but wind power is still used to produce energy, mainly electricity from wind turbines.

    Depending on the location of these wind turbines, Basor Electric provides the perfect solutions for channeling cables both inside and outside them for salty or normal environments.

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  • Solar Energy

    Solar energy is the energy obtained by capturing the light and heat emitted by the Sun. It is installations that transform solar radiation into electrical energy by means of photovoltaic panels, and the system may have accumulated batteries

    The solar rays that reach the Earth can be exploited by means of the heat they produce through the absorption of radiation, either in optical or other devices. It is one of the so-called renewable energies, particularly from the non-polluting group, known as clean energy or green energy

    These extensions are known as orchards or solar farms, places where Basor Electric products must meet the highest demands for strength and durability in their products.

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