50 years



An installer named Mr. Vicente Bañuls Soler, founded a small company for the manufacture of heat radiators and general electrical installations. He decided to name the company Basor, the merger of his two last names, Ba from Bañuls and Sor from Soler.


Given the habitual use of cable management systems in his facilities, Mr. Vicente decided to manufacture his own cable trays, designing and building a perforated sheet metal model, the Model E, a model that we consider the grandfather of our current ERE basortrays. Other items such as luminaires formed the company's product portfolio.


Basor develops her first major project in Spain, the Ford Motor Company facilities in Almussafes (Valencia), creating a new special tray model for this project, the F, named after the F of the word Ford. Currently, the evolution of that F is our basortray FRE.


Henry Ford II sent a telegram to Mr. Vicente thanking him for the effort made in the installation of his new factory outside of Valencia city and for having finished the project earlier than agreed.


Mr. Vicente's son, Vicente Bañuls Femenía, after studying engineering in Barcelona, took the reins of the small regional workshop and with a lot of effort and dedication, managed to transform it into a factory.


The foundations for mechanized, efficient and professional production are laid, establishing cable trays as the main elements in Basor's product portfolio.


Due to the knowledge acquired and the technical resources available, the ranges of products are expanded with cabinets and boxes, incorporating these new elements into the company's set of products.


The company continues growing, moving from local to national levels thanks to the trust of companies such as General Motors, which awards Basor the project for its factory in Figueruelas (Zaragoza).


Basor is established as a Public Limited Company, with a capital paid in cash of 70,000 pesetas ($300 dollars) and various productive assets. This corporate form remains to this day.


The image of the company is renewed for the first time, adding the symbol so characteristic that it lasts to this day. The first color product catalogs are printed and the brand image begins to be built.


Large petrochemical projects such as the Tarragona Industrial Complex (Repsol), airports (Madrid-Valencia) or shipbuilding (Astilleros Bazán) begin to develop.


The Barcelona Olympic Village, specially designed to host more than 9000 participants from 170 countries who attended the Barcelona 92 Olympic Games, is installed with Basor cable trays.


Basor's first own delegation outside the province of Valencia opens, opens in the Community of Madrid, in the Los Angeles Industrial Estate (Getafe) and serves as a logistics center and base for the new commercial team in the downtown area.


The Export Department begins operating in the company, the first international distributors were obtained and the first stone is laid for future international consolidation.


Basor obtains the first worldwide patents that improve the connection between cable trays, improve logistics or facilitate product installation, patents such as 9800892, 200201809, 9602521 or 9803132.


Basor's first European affiliate, Basor Elektro, opens in Budapest, Hungary, and serves as a logistics center and base for the new sales team for Central Europe.


Basor has been awarded with the largest European project in passenger transport infrastructure to date, the Copenhagen metro. Over a year and a half, more than 130 trucks with cable ladder and it´s accessories were supplied, a logistical and productive milestone for the company.


A third generation of Bañuls, grandchildren of the founder, made up of two industrial engineers and an economist, came to the company and established Basor's international expansion as a primary objective.


The Almansa (Albacete) megafactory is inaugurated, a fully automated production center, with an intelligent warehouse that allows rapid product manufacturing and logistics dispatch in record time.


The first subsidiary outside Europe is opened, Basor México SAPI de CV, located in the State of Mexico. This is the first time in the history of the company in which productive operations are carried out outside Spain.


International expansion continues, where Basor Electric Ltd. becomes a reality. With this new subsidiary in the United Kingdom, the company has its own subsidiaries in Hungary, Portugal, Italy and France. On the other hand, in this same year, Basor USA Inc. was launched, based in Illinois, a strategic subsidiary in the landing in the United States.


Strategic agreements are signed with local partners to open Basor Electric SARL in Algeria, Basorthai in Thailand and Basor Peru in Peru, consolidating the company's presence in 4 of the 5 continents.